My fiancé had proposed without a ring because he felt more comfortable choosing something together. I went with a girlfriend ring shopping and went to multiple jewelry stores and didn’t find anything that really made me say “this is it!”. Without a clear idea of what I wanted (and not realizing how picky I really was in the setting) we wandered into the store. We were told to look for a store in Bellevue near NE 8th but didn’t know the name. Emiko greeted us and immediately showed me a few stones and settings. She quickly got John involved in the process to custom make my setting. It only took a couple of days to get a few more stones for me to choose from. When I asked to see some pink diamond and sapphire melees, he also brought them in quickly. My fiancé negotiated a price which we both felt was a great deal. (At other stores we would have spent twice as much for what I wanted). We were told it would take two weeks to get the setting model done in sterling silver. When we were finally called in my fiancé looked at it and said “wow I’ll take it in silver, it looks just like platinum!”. That was because John had went ahead and just made it in platinum thinking that if I didn’t like it he would keep it anyways. The setting is perfect and the stone is crazy sparkly, so I get tons of compliments! I took the ring back a couple days after I got it because I noticed a small scratch in the cathedral (maybe happened in the setting process?), and they took it back and fixed it within a day no charge. I recently took the ring back to get it polished and setting checked. They are great and I recommend them to all of my friends. Marci is not a place who will give you first class service until you pay then kick you to the curb. I will go back for purchases in the future.

Kerry Anne

My husband and I were “just looking” to see how much it would be to “trade up” to a new diamond for my wedding ring. I found a very fiery diamond in a good price range, after going through quite a few. This diamond was beautiful and my husband said yes. Then they showed us this new diamond in a platinum band with two small emerald-cut diamonds on either side. I almost started crying. It was gorgeous. Well, it was still within the price range (pretty much) and I have been asked if it’s a 3 carat stone, even though it’s not even close. I have had many women grab my hand and some even ask to try it on. I feel it was a good deal. I feel like I’m a trophy wife. Even if I had put my older smaller stone into this new band, it would have been gorgeous. These people have taste. (I also have a gold brooch from a Marci’s sale which I bought years ago.)
We went there after meeting them at the Wedding expo in Tacoma. Although they did not remember our faces, they remembered my engagement ring, and made us feel like the most important customers ever, even though we were both in our weekend’s best… jeans and t-shirts. We told them what we wanted, and they showed us the best possible thing for us. They have an eye for matching jewelry to their customers. Their sales people are wonderfully honest, and not pushy. I will be going back!! It is no wonder they have a reputation for great customer loyalty
PROS: Honesty, and no pushy sales people
CONS: can’t think of one


My Fiancé and I recently bought my engagement ring at Marci and we couldn’t be happier. The ring is absolutely gorgeous! After shopping around all the various stores in Seattle, I find that Marci’s price is reasonable and the staff is not pushy at all. Most importantly, they found me a beautiful and crazy sparkly diamond. I’ve been getting a lot of complements on my ring. All the staff there is simply wonderful. We are definitely going back to Marci for our wedding rings. Thanks Marci!


Marci is a unique jewelry store for diamonds. The customer service is amazing (of course it should be if you’re buying one of these babies!) and the diamond selection is among the best I’ve ever seen. Shopped around quite a bit, including Costco.com and Marci, was able to do some good pricing. They can help you locate the exact item that you’re after, if you’re looking for a unique stone. A definite must, if you’re after a special gift.
I recently was in Marci’s and was treated so nicely. Rex and his crew made us feel like we were special. Their help and kindness has always been a treat!
Thanks Rex!


I was getting married in less than a month, and we hadn’t found affordable wedding bands. I had read about these guys online, and I had some old gold bands (from our previous marriages) that we didn’t want anymore. I went down to see what I could get in trade for them, mostly because I really didn’t want to go to a pawn shop. The people there were incredibly friendly and accommodating, and gave me what I think was a very fair price for my scrap gold. I even had enough to trade for a brand new pair of wedding bands! The ones we picked were a little over our trade value, but the nice people there made it flush for us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


I highly recommend Marci Jewelry to anyone and everyone! My husband and I stumbled upon them when looking for my engagement ring. Marci Jewelry is one of three authorized retailers for Tacori.
Every time we go in there they make us feel like their most important clients. I’m sure they treat everyone this way, but it still feels good to be valued!
We bought the diamond elsewhere and they did a full inspection of it for us and gave us more information than the jeweler we bought the stone from.
We will take all of our jewelry business to them for the rest of our lives.


My hubby bought me the most beautiful engagement ring 14 years ago from Marci (on his mom’s recommendation – she had shopped there a lot) and flew down from Alaska to make the purchase. It’s a marquis in a custom set w/ 22 princess cut diamonds on the side. When we were in Seattle last month, I lost one of the princess cuts, brought it in to them, they replaced it for a fee (I was supposed to have it serviced over the last 7 years and didn’t…so I had to pay) and they remembered me and our family and the ring! The ring looks like new and I can’t believe how they brought it back to life! They’ve helped us out numerous times over the years and John is always available – he’s awesome! Thanks Marci for making us feel special, for having such high quality and for not being just ‘another jewelry’ store.


From the time I walked in the door to getting the ring in my hand, I really like doing business with Marci. I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest guy to do business with, but the ring had to be perfect, and it was! I had a design in mind and they worked with me very patiently for several revisions before making a cast that I could see hold before giving the ok to make the final ring.
At one point when I said I had some room left in my budget, John said he couldn’t take my money because it I wasn’t going to be able to see any difference in the ring or stones. I don’t think may jewelers would do that.
Thanks for the great experience.


My fiancé and I just got engaged, and one of the first things he said to me after I said yes was “I can’t wait for you to meet the jeweler at Marci.” I laughed, but now that we have spent some time looking for wedding bands, I could not be more happy with the experience.
John took extremely good care of us! His friendliness and service went above and beyond, he really went out of his way to make us happy. He was open and honest about his products, informing us about the pros and cons of each different type of ring. I knew that he genuinely cared when he encouraged us to purchase a less expensive ring based on some problems that might arise in the future with the other type of metal.
We purchased our bands today, and we will definitely be back for our anniversaries and other big events!


I’ve been on the search for a place that buys jewelry. I am recently divorced and had several pieces that I was looking to sell. After visiting the pawn shop, which was inspired by watching an episode of Pawn Stars, I quickly found they were a rip off. They only wanted to give me $100, whateva!!
So I checked around a bit. Mill Creek Jewelers was nice enough to refer me to Marci’s. I went there yesterday and they bought my goods for a price that I was more than satisfied with! They were so very friendly also, and quite quick. They even gave me a free lunch at the BBQ place next door!!!!
WOW! If I EVER get married again, I will hit Marci’s first for some finger bling!